A quick reminder about Alison Sauer's guidelines

This will be the last time I mention Alison Sauer and her guidelines, but I feel that it is important that we recall just what was so terribly wrong about the things and how they would have been a disaster for home education in this country. Many home educated children in this country have special educational needs of one sort or another.   The guidelines produced under a Alison Sauer's direction stated bluntly and unambiguously;

A Local Authority is responsible for any child of compulsory school age that has been brought to their attention as having, or probably having, special educational needs'

In other words, had these become the statutory guidelines, they would have created a situation where if somebody told the local authority that she thought your home educated child was  'probably' dyslexic, then responsibility for his  education would have passed to the local authority. This was either bungling on an industrial scale or a deliberate attempt to transfer parental responsibility for education to local authorities. And with that, I leave this unhappy subject...

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